Who we are?

Maria Nowak-Szabat

Ayurvedic therapist, holistic coach, psychologist and trainer, Sivananda Yoga teacher.

Ayurveda is my passion and my work. I graduated from Polish studies and psychology at Jagiellonian University in Kraków. After the studies I searched for ways to connect mind and body. I have found Ayurveda. Together with my husband we studied it in India.

At Agni I am responsible for Ayurvedic consultation, which include dietary and psychologic advice. Together with a client we discover a holistic picture of their health. As a result, they can understand themselves better and it is a starting point for further treatment. I offer holistic coaching to my clients. It is a beautiful continuation of the consultation and support to introduce changes in their lives.

From my own experience I know that the easiest way to understand Ayurveda is to taste it. Therefore, at Agni I run culinary workshops. I also give lectures and do workshops and courses in the field of Ayurveda and psychology of health.

I have practiced yoga for seven years, I stretch my body and ease my mind. I did Teachers Training Course (TTC) and Advanced Teachers’ Training Course (ATTC) for Sivananda Yoga teachers. Thanks to my beloved parents and grandparents I have a lot of good within me and I happily share it with others.

Michał Szabat

Ayurvedic therapist and masseur, Sivananda yoga teacher.

I have been interested in Ajurveda for more than 7 years. It is my passion, my perception of the world and my way of life. I have completed a 500 h-course of Ayurvedic diagnosis and dietetics and also Ayurvedic therapist course. I have gained my knowledge in the city of Dharamsala in India from experienced physicians that run a Panchakarma Clinic there.

At Agni I am mainly responsible for Panchakarma therapy and therapeutic massage. I discover human body and its needs through touch.

I am also a certified Sivananda Yoga teacher. I have practiced yoga for over ten years. I have repeatedly traveled to India and other corners of this beautiful world, where I have deepened my practice of yoga and broadened my life experience.

I love cooking.


Our teachers

We searched for teachers who would share with us their full wisdom of Ayurveda for a couple of years. We feel deeply grateful to fate for leading us to Dharamsala in the Himalayas. The place itself is unique as it is where Dalai Lama and many Tibetans live, the Tibetan government has its seat there as well as many organizations and institutions working for Tibet.

In the Bhagsu Nag village situated slightly higher we have found our great teachers, Dr. Shivani Sood and Dr. Mahesh Kumar. They run the Panchakarma Clinic and the Asho Ayurveda school. They are a married us we are and it was additional inspiration. It showed us how by working together at full potential we could complement each other. Dr. Shivani Sood specializes in dietetics, Ayurvedic psychology and Marma Therapy, which helps to relieve emotions blocked in the body. Dr. Mahesh Kumar specializes in Ayurvedic and Panchakarma massages. They work in an international environment, often come to Europe. As a result, their approach to Ayurveda is full of respect for tradition and modern and flexible at the same time.

Read more about our teachers here: http://www.shivaniclinic.org

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