Pitta or fire

What is fire? As before, I encourage you to answer this question before you continue reading. What is it, what are its qualities? Think of the fire that lightens up the darkness and shows the way. The fire that brings people together and warms them up. The fire that changes, transforms and burns. Bring up the image of fire burning in the passionate eye, that rises enthusiasm and willingness to act. Think of the sun and its vital power and about the fire, that went beyond control and burnt down anything that crossed its path.

The fire always ignites us, and so are the people who have a lot of fire in them.

It ignites, warms up, arouses emotions – we are never indifferent to it. People that have a lot of fire in them are always warm. During an evening meeting on the porch, Vatas shiver with cold wrapped up in blankets and Pittas sit comfortably in light jackets and unbuttoned shirts. Pitta tolerates the heat very badly. It is a torture for Pitta when the temperature rises over 30°C and when it is hot it gets more prickly than usual. Do not play with the fire, especially on a hot day. Pitta’s life partners know it well, they love to nestle into Pitta on cold evenings but chose to step out of the way on hot days. Pitta takes holidays before or after the season, actually a notion of season could not exist at all for it. Asked about a perfect temperature it answers precisely: 18 up to 23 degrees.

The inner warmth makes Pitta skin glow pink and sensitive to sun.

It often has moles, freckles and skin marks. Also Pitta eyes do not stand light very well and so the sunglasses in summer are as important for Pitta as the house keys. The nails of Pitta are pink and slightly square. Relatively soft and elastic, they do not cause major problems. Similar, pink lips that look nice and add Pitta some charm. Pitta hair is smooth, mostly straight with tendency to get greasy and turn gray early. Think of a talented friend that did her PhD before turning thirty and soon started to dye first gray hair. Men on the other tend to get bold. Recall an image of a director of your bank or local school. He is getting bald, right?

Pitta is dimensional and proportionate with well carved body.

Even if it does not do any sport and cares not that much about its looks, it has stunning shapely legs and buttocks. If it does exercise, it builds up the muscles easily. At the gym, desperate Vata compares its thin as wafer hands with Pitta muscles. Tightens, flexes, touches the muscles and still nothing. If Pitta gains a couple of kilos, it can lose it without any problem and keeping its weight stable is natural for this type.

Pitta, or the fire is a very strong dosha. There is no joke once it is thrown off balance.

The symptoms do not let us wait: inflammations, infections, rash or fever. They emerge suddenly and develop quickly forcing us to act. If anything has bad influence on liver and blood – Pitta domains in the body – it manifests itself in the face. This is its way of ensuring attention. Rash appearing on thigh or belly can be neglected, but when it pops up on the face, one must act. It needs quick reaction.

Pitta digestion is regular and strong. It has big appetite, that shows up regularly. If it doesn’t get its food on time it gets nervous. There is a word that perfectly stands for such a state, hangry. Does it ring a bell? You just discovered a bit of that fire in you.

What is Pitta when comes to relations with people?

First of all, it knows how to talk to people. It is very efficient in communication and often might come across as manipulator. In fact, it cares more about reaching the goal than about feelings of others. Purpose and achievements are its life mantra. Pitta is amazingly ambitious and hard-working, often a perfectionistic. It achieves more than other members of its family, stands above the rest. It speaks loudly and explicitly, has an autocratic voice and gestures a lot. It’s a natural-born leader, that easily gains attention and can galvanize people to take action. It’s a force that acts, organizes, manages and mobilizes.

If its flame is too big, Pitta burns up in it.

It shows unreal ambitions and excessive expectations towards others and itself. Its mind, that is usually keen, gets overly critical. It does not accept weakness or failure, does not stand people, who cannot keep up the pace. Vata bends over backwards, is on its last legs, gets pills for headache and stays up late over books, and it’s all still not enough for Pitta. Saying something is wrong, something is missing, other thing can be improved comes to it much easier than complimenting. The fire, that is a great leader and shows the way, gets commanding or almost dictatorial. Such Pitta antagonizes but still arouses respect. Those who depend on Pitta suspect that when it is dissatisfied it might become dangerous, and so they give their best.

Pitta is very perceptive and incisive, and when it is in balance, it gives compliments that fall deep into memory. It doesn’t happen often though, as it find it hard to express feelings and speak about its inner life. Father Pitta, that many of us know, is a man that has worked hard his whole life, provided for our education, supported financially, picked up from last train but rarely said that he loved us. Pitta shows love with material support and responsibility. It is difficult to expect anything else from it.

Classic Pitta comes to Ayurvedic consultation rarely.

It doesn’t want to be advised, unless it has no other choice. It’s quite suspicious and usually examines us carefully before enters cooperation. It cares about the health itself, and if it is in balance, does it well. Pitta likes physical activity, likes to wear itself out to last sweats. It makes Pitta relaxed. It likes disciplines that involve competing, even itself. Once it decides to go on a diet or on a treatment it is scrupulous and persistent. As it follows the prescriptions well and acts according to the plan, it finds it very hard to accept any failures.

Ayurveda teaches, that there is a fire in all of us. I encourage you to observe how it manifests itself in us and next to us.

We know how to handle fire in order to get what’s best of it. It is essential to keep that in mind.