Ayurveda teaches that nature and people are one.


Everything what surrounds us is a macrocosm and we are a microcosm. It consists of the same elements: the same elements as trees, flowers, birds and clouds. As I explained in an earlier article, Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing traditions in the world. It was created at a time when people were very tightly in alignment with nature. People’s life depended on the nature and its elements. They watched the wind, fire, water, earth and space where everything was contained. They watched curiously quietly and persistently. How well they were understanding the nature their life based.

The monks, who were the first doctors, meditated a lot. Their quiet mind could not only observe but also attune to the universal wisdom. In this way came to them insights that explained them how world works. They saw that this wind, fire, water, earth and space are in each of us. They are an integral part of our body, mind and soul. It was also observed that the elements come together in our body in pairs. These couples called doshas. Doshas called the way that the basic elements are manifested in our body. Distinguished three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.


Vata, or wind.


How is the wind? Try to answer this question before you will start reading. Cited in mind the characteristics of the wind and its properties. The more you come on mind the more easily you understand Vatt .

Close your eyes for a moment and recall windy day. Feel its power, its movement and temperature. See how the wind affects the trees and the people around you. Bring back memories of summer wind on a hot day of August. Now recall the autumn wind that picks up the leaves, and commit us to wrap a cloak. Feel the winter frosty wind that penetrates to the bone, freezes cheeks and shrugs your eyes.


The wind always moves us. Just like people who have a lot of wind in themselves.


Perpetually busy, talkative, smiling, they are everywhere and nowhere, have more ideas than they are able to realize. Sometimes it seems if they could sell their ideas they would be millionaires ! These are the souls of the company, have a sense of humor that shortens the distance, they are friendly and at the begining give another credit of trust. Their sensitivity makes it harder experiencing the world and like to give this expression in the arts. They write, paint, dance, sing. We love Vata because of its creativity and love to the whole world. Its outstanding compassion and desire to help. That looks balanced Vata that we can compare to the refreshing summer wind.


Vata is like a strong autumn wind, a balance is not its strength.


Eternally rushing somewhere, always in a hurry, sometimes it can not even remember where and what for. Think quickly and tries to express all its thoughts. It says fast, a lot, changing threads, falls into digressions, associations, wanders and recycled. It starts from the button, which unstitched and ends on reminding lecturer who had a habit of honing buttons his jacket, its ideas swell like yeast dough and like overgrown cake that start to pour out of your head. Vatta does not know which idea is the best, so it wants to implement all at once. One starts into a second and with the tenth falls without power. Tired, forced to rest, is like an empty battery.

If this happens frequently, even every day, Vata begins to be solidly tired. Can not concentrate, everything flies out of her head, it really wants something, and in a moment is forgotten what it really wanted. The constant stream of thoughts and words never stops. It’s hard to sleep, hard to sleep peacefully the night. Something hurts, there’s something teat, there’s something trembles, and something freezes. It’s like a mix of a mess and nothing is known.

Do you know someone like that? Vatt classic, that we love, but sometimes all saints can not put up with its. Bring back in memory this person. Think how he/she looks like, how his/her appearance is, the skin, the teeth?


Classic Vata


It is slim and petite, sometimes low, sometimes high. However the figure is always light as if slightly wobbly. Sometimes disproportionate too large head and the arms and legs thin as sticks. Vata is dry, for years it has used greasy creams, it has already tested all possible cosmetic moisturizing the skin. Do not part with lipstick and hands cream but the skin as if nothing had happened. It is still dry, wrinkles and saves the smallest wrinkle. Vata would like to be a little fatter, has at least one roller on the abdomen, fuller cheeks and hips. Has a little softness and curves. Colleagues, who are permanently on a diet, do not want to listen when it complains that it can not gain weight. But losing weight is really easy!


Vata eyes are small, deep-set and hyperactive.


Nose quite disproportionate, perhaps slightly crooked or hunched. Thin lips and teeth, rather small, somewhat shy. Sometimes dense and herded, contorted, and sometimes exploded as houses in the countryside. Vatta has a lot of hair but it is rarely satisfied of them. Either they are too thin or too curly or too unruly. Nails likes to grow as they want, easily dried and delaminate. Vata tries hard, it cares about itself and care about appearance but it is eternally dissatisfied with itself. It likes to compare yourself with others that usually ends up lowering her mood.


Vata, having too much wind in the body and mind, has a long list of afflictions by the time it reaches its forties.


Health is not its strongest point, resistance is rather average. Journeys and everything unpredictable seem to influence on its harder than others. Skin even more dry, anxiety does not allow to sleep in a hotel bed, and on the existing bowel does not help pharmaceutical inventions. Vata easily freezes, often have cold hands and feet. Windy and cold cheerful makes her physical pain, and willingly it would spend winter in the tropics. It is slim, but often belly swells up and unpleasantly rounded. And to top it all emotions and thoughts that it does not know what to do with it?


Each of us has a little of this Vata.


Clean types, such as the one described above are very rare. Most of us are thoroughly mixed , and therefore so difficult to independently understand who we are. But it is worth to sensitize eye on Vatt in ourselves and look at it for itself .

Ayurveda is based on observation, doctors and therapists ayurvedian are well trained in it. But each of us can observe themselves quietly, persistently, and what is very importantly with kindness and serenity. As we observe the swirling snowflakes.


Let yourself be captivated by nature that is with us. Let its lead to a better understanding of each other to better health.