Ayurvedic consultations include dietary and psychologic prescriptions.


With consultation we achieve a better understanding of who we are, what our strengths and vulnerable spots are. Each of us arrives in this world with our unique and exceptional combination. In Ayurveda it’s called Prakriti and it can be described as our constitution, our psychosomatic type, our predominant tendencies. It might be, for example, a passion for sport and physical activity or on the contrary, love for doing nothing. It could be a receptive and bright mind that memorizes any information easily and forgets it fast or it can be a mind that is a bit slow, kind of languid but once it understands it, it remembers it well and for ages. Those tendencies relate not only to the way our body works but also to our thinking and experiencing the world.

When we explore Ayurveda, a first major discovery is who we are, what we are, what our unique type is?

During the consultation:

  • You will get to understand yourself better – your body and your mind
  • You will put in order what you already know
  • You will recognize the sources of your afflictions
  • You will find out how to break the cycle that leads to next illness
  • You will find out how to make choices in everyday life that benefit your health
  • You will get to know dietary guidelines tailored only for you
  • You will learn which products and herbs contribute well to your health
  • You will bring home specific tips that you can integrate into your life

During the consultation we will carry out an in-depth diagnosis, that will let us know the state of your health – the ideal one and the present one. The diagnosis integrates information from many sources. It is : observation of physical body features, its appearance and shape, pulse and tongue diagnosis and detailed interview on lifestyle, habits and family situation. As a result we discover together the holistic picture of you and your health. This will make you understand yourself better and that is a point to reach before further healing processes.

The consultation takes one to two hours and costs 150zł per hour.

The time it lasts depends on what you want to find out and which aspect we focus on. We encourage you to take two shorter consultations so that you have a chance digest and absorb new information.