In the workshop we learn how to cook according to Ayurveda.

The workshop begins with a brief theoretical introduction, then we cook together and discuss emerging issues. The workshop ends with shared meal.

During the workshop:

  • you will find out what is the cooking according to the principles of Ayurveda
  • you will learn easy recipes for nutritious breakfasts, balanced meals, light snacks and beverages
  • you will get familiar with spices and their properties
  • you will learn how to compose meals in order to provide your body what it needs
  • you will understand the concept of seasonal cooking
  • you will try food that balances all three doshas
  • you leave the workshop inspired and ready to introduce Ayurveda into your life


“Warsztaty gotowania to magia – jesz do pełna a czujesz się lekko. Potrawy z naszych polskich, rodzimych produktów, proste przepisy, szybkie w przygotowaniu, świetna atmosfera, kameralne warunki, łatwostrawna wiedza. Tajny składnik to przyprawy, które wydobywają, podkręcają smak warzyw, owoców, kasz – można nimi naprawdę czarować. Niezapomniane wrażenia, nie tylko dla podniebienia! Warto poznać Marysię i Michała – zainspirować się tym, jak żyją, zgodnie z tym, czego uczą. Dziękuję i polecam z serca!” Anna Rogowska


Workshops can constitute a full course which will make you understand much more the art of ayurvedic cooking for health.


1 – Introduction to Ayurveda – the basic principles, necessary equipment and products.

2 – Spices in the kitchen – what they consist of and how can we use it?

3 – Vata balancing – healing cuisine for those who are cold, who want to improve digestion and absorption, prevent flatulence and constipation, strengthen the immune and hormonal system, balance moods.

4 – Pitta balancing – healing cuisine for those who want to cool down, improve the appearance of their skin and eyes, strengthen the liver, calm temperament.

5 – Kapha balancing – healing cuisine for those who want to lose weight, improve metabolism, refresh and awaken.

6 – Cooking for the family – how to cook one dinner for Vatta, Pitta and Kapha?

7 – Cooking for kids – child-friendly recipes.

8 – The food that heals – the most precious products and recipes that heal.

9 – Detox menu – nourishes, doesn’t burden the body and lets it to concentrate on treatment.

10 – Drinks and tea – composing rules, properties and budget shopping.

11 – Bread – on daily basis and on holidays – easily digestible homemade breads, lavish samosas.

12 – Desserts – delicious and healthy.

13 – Breakfast for busy people – easy recipes that can be easily prepared between a shower and makeup.


If you live outside of Wroclaw and you want to take part in the workshop, please let us know. We can schedule a workshop in your city – we just need a spacious kitchen and a few people willing to cook together.

We also offer culinary workshops online.

Culinary workshops for cooks.

Cooking workshops for professionals who want to expand their menu with Ayurvedic cuisine.
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