“Introduction to Ayurveda”. Fourth edition.

Our course will help you to understand your health better

and effectively advise others.

Ayurveda is interesting, in fashion and it would be nice to find out more about it, but what is it,

exactly that you need?

More time and energy to enjoy life?

Less stress and uncertainty related to health?

You are in the right place.

  • At the course you will receive the knowledge that will help you to save time and money you dedicate to health, constantly digging the well where’s no water
  • You will get the knowledge that will help you to lead a healthy and economic life
  • You will get rid of the uncertainty and stress resulting from chaos and various ideas on what is wrong with you
  • You will learn how to care for your loved ones so that you can enjoy each other longer
  • You will take a step towards a new profession, that is increasingly valued day by day


 „The information in the course was presented in the accessible and understandable way.

I appreciated nice atmosphere and intimate group and time need to organize the knowledge.

I do Ayurvedic consultations after the course.

I implemented a lot of recommendations into my everyday life.”

Dominika Fuga


We offer a course

Introduction to Ayurveda in time dimension of

55 h

There are new courses in the market but our course is unique.

Tailored to fit Polish realities, filled with practice and facts. And intimate.

The group is limited to 5 persons. It facilitates learning and gives time for thorough issue discussion

and answers to your questions.


The course takes place on weekends – Saturdays and Sundays, 9am – 4pm.

Every meeting takes 6 hours of learning with a break for Ayurvedic soup.

We set the dates for next sessions together with participants. We consider your schedule.

There is one session per month.

Why this way?

Ayurveda needs time to fall into place, in the head and in the heart.

You want to learn, that’s why we focus on practice.

Between sessions, you do your first consultations that we discuss together.

You consolidate the knowledge in a practical way.

You receive inspiring materials that foster your understanding of Ayurveda.


„Practical experience and knowledge of Marysia that leads the course is most valuable.

As I was a beginner in the subject of Ayurveda all the knowledge I had learned was fascinating to me.

I found very valuable various practical information on how to prevent different afflictions, that really work – I tested it on my own as did friends I consulted.”

Katarzyna Szostak

Do not worry about quality

Our quality can be vouched for by Asho Ayurveda Centre of Dharamsala in India.

Our training is based on their program. You receive the course completion diploma (50h) from Asho Ayurveda.

Once you complete this course you can continue your studies in India.

„Maria Nowak Szabat studiowała w klinice i ukończyła studia pod moim nadzorem. Mając dyplom z psychologii miała tez solidne podstawy, które pozwoliły jej stać się wzorową Terapeutką Ajurwedyjską. Maria posiada wspaniale umiejętności analizy i  doskonałe techniki nauczania w sposób prosty i zrozumiały.

W Ajurwedzie bardzo ważne jest to, aby potrafić zastosować ją w praktyce, ale nie ujmując nic z teorii naukowej.

I takie podejście do Ajurwedy ma Marysia.”

Dr Shivani Sood, Dyrektor Asho Ayurveda & Shivani Clinic


Are you interested in course content?

Course program PDF

 The next edition of intramural course – September 2017

on-line course – September 2017

You can find application form here.


You think about it seriously? Here is what happens after the longest course ends:

  • You diagnose at Ayurveda consultant level
  • You set up diets, for yourself, your loved ones and your clients
  • You give recommendations on therapy, herbs, lifestyle and mind balancing


You receive from us:

study materials

consultation sheet

support after the course

newsletter for course graduates with specialized information on Ayurveda and suggestions of books and websites

20% discount on our products and services


The course takes place in Wrocław,

at Ołtaszyn

Some of its components might be done remotely, on Skype.

How much is it?

Introduction to Ayurveda

55 h – cena 4900 zł

For those who decide

to enroll before June 15, 2017 we offer 10% discount


participation in the training course of „AyurYoga – dosha balancing yoga”

Participants of the 55h course additionally get from us:

Ayurveda consultation before and at the end of the course, worth 240 zł

participation in the culinary workshop: „Ayurveda in the kitchen”, worth 200 zł

participation in the Ayurvedic massage training with marma elements, worth 600 zł

Installment payments are possible.

The fee depends on number of installments – 2 up to 7 (4900 zł: installments + 100 zł).

We are here to support.

If you cannot take the course for financial reasons, please contact me. We offer 1 barter scholarship with up to 50% of course value based on your contribution to our work.

The course is led by:

Maria Nowak-Szabat i Michał Szabat. You can read more about us here. 

Why us?

We received a formal education in Ayurveda, 500h of training. We studied in India, but our practice is based in Poland. We know Polish realities, we explain in a clear and understandable way, we give priority to comprehension and putting the knowledge into practice. We are ethical and know the limits to our competence.

Apply today with 10% discount.

You can find the application formhere.

Would you like to talk to me?

If you have any questions or wonder which course to choose, contact me, I will help you take the good decision:

795 344 046

Acquire new knowledge in tailored way.

Full payment or first installment payment until August 31, 2017 confirms enrollment.

You can still apply to the fourth edition of the course.

Next edition in September 2017.


You would like to take the course but you live away from Wrocław, or abroad?

Take the online version of the course

We meet on-line once per week for 3 hours. On Skype, live.

We follow the same programme.

Same regulations as with intramural course.


„The knowledge conveyed in the course stayed with me.

It is not a course one of many, the one that comes and goes. It stays.”

Joanna Śliwińska-Wachowiak

You can enroll in the on-line course until August 31, 2017.

You can find the application formhere.

You can now enroll in the Ayurveda consultant advanced course

120 h

The course starts in October 2017


Who is it for?

For those, who already finished an introduction course to Ayurveda, with us or at other school of Ayurveda.

For those who practice Ayurveda and wish to broaden their knowledge.

For those who deal with Ayurveda professionally.

For those who wish to obtain qualifications for Ayurveda consultant that comply with WHO guidelines.

Application for the course until August 31, 2017.

You can find the application form here.

You need more details?

Contact us.