The treatments that prepare the body to the cleansing process are an important element of Panchakarma.

1. Oleation

Snehana, the moisturising and oleation treatments of the body. It is internal oleation through consumption of clarified butter (ghee) that helps to move toxins in the body. External oleation through full body massage that lasts 1,5-2 hours. Specially prepared sesame oil is used in the massage along with some other herbal healing oils, depending on patients needs, i.e.: oil reducing back pain, strenghtening the hair or nervous system.

2. Heating / Stimulating

Swedana treatments serve to moisturise and open the body, so it becomes more receptive and open to healing treatments. Depending on needs and possibilities it could be a session of hot bath, hot shower, steam sauna or finnish sauna.

Each day of Panchakarma includes these two fundamental treatments. With them our body feels safe, it relaxes and opens up to the healing process. After two hour session of preparing the body comes one of the real cleansing treatments.

During Panchakarma we use Marma Therapy,

therapy of energy points in the body. Their stimulation helps to unblock the flow of vital energy in the body. Stimulation of the Marma points is a signal to the body and to individual organs triggering their abilities of self–healing.

During purification the diet is also important.

It is light, free of heavy and stimulant products. As a result our body receives nutrients and support, but instead of focusing on digestion it concentrates on cleansing. Kicheri is a basic meal during Panchakarma. You can find a recipe for kicheri here.

Patients also receive Ayurvedic herbs chosen only for them,

that help to cleanse our organs: intestines, kidneys, liver and so called neurotonics that support nervous system.