You are welcome to join us for Sivananda yoga.

Presently we offer individual classes at client home only .

The group classes will restart again in February/March 2017, in Ołtaszyn.

There are following classes in our offer:

For beginners – part 1

Starting from scratch, eight classes that introduce to yoga practice at the basic level. Learning the proper diaphragmatic breathing, exercises preparing body to asanas, introduction to relaxation, basic asanas.


For beginners – part 2

Course continuation for those, who are getting acquainted with yoga. Course is appropriate also for those that practice yoga already and are interested in different approach. Learning the right performance of asanas, more intense breathing exercises and deep relaxation. Learning how to self-adjust in the position. Once the course ends you are able to practice yoga individually at home with awareness you do it right and get best benefits.


Standard Yoga

Course for fit persons that practice yoga on regular basis. Classic lesson of Sivananda yoga.


Yoga for the advanced

For those who are flexible, in a very good shape and want to experience very intense practice. Accent on longer pranayama, harder asanas with many variations, maintaining the body in the asana for longer.


Meditation yoga

Classes for those who do basic asanas with ease and wish to bring their experience to the new level. The class is filled with intentness, the teacher speaks little. Focus on concentration and quieting the mind. Beautiful experience of meditation in movement.


Yoga for seniors

Lighter version of classes held at easy pace that is adjusted to the participants. Accent on stretching and relaxing exercises. Affordable price.


Back to health with yoga

For people recovering from illness or building up the form after a long break – we start with very simple elements that help to develop body awareness. As we get back in shape more difficult elements are introduced. We practice with sensitivity, without grappling with our body, with understanding and empathy.


Yoga for pregnant women

Classes adjusted to body potential in changing with every month, with accent on diaphragmatic breathing, deep relaxation and body awareness. We do asanas and exercises in the scope comfortable for the women. Exercises help to relieve the body, prepare it to give birth but also build up the muscles that are needed after the delivery.


Yoga after pregnancy

Also for those who experienced caesarean delivery. Getting back in form, accent on breathing exercise and relaxation. A chance to rest and recover after a day full of new commitments.


Aspects of yoga

The classes that help in better understanding of yoga. We focus on one particular aspect per class. We dedicate more time for that element, we introduce additional exercise, discuss physical and psychological benefits of the practice.


  • Sun Salutation

  • Headstand training

  • Inversion yoga poses

  • Balancing yoga poses

  • AyurYoga – asanas and dosha balancing

  • Pranayama


Individual classes

Adjusted to the needs of participants, in the time and rhythm convenient for them. Recommended to busy people that find it hard to find time in standard hours.

If you have questions, you wonder which class to choose, you wish to find out more about particular class, you are interested in cooperation, you would like to introduce yoga classes to your offer, please contact us.


Classes are led by:

Maria Nowak-Szabat, she graduated from a basic and advanced training course for Sivananda yoga teachers, TTC and ATTC.

„My yoga practice started with a severe spine injury. Yoga was my form of rehabilitation, I regained my full physical function with it. Thanks to that experience I understand well those who suffer from periodic difficulties such as stiffness, pain, limited range of motion. I lead the classes with much sensitivity to needs and abilities of the participants. In introduce difficulty gradually and I make sure that participants feel satisfaction with every step made and deep relaxation after the class. With women I share my experience of practicing during pregnancy and after giving birth to my daughter”.


Michał Szabat, aduated from the international training course for Sivananda yoga teachers (400h) in 2011, covering theoretical and practical training in all aspects of yoga. He holds the title of Yoga Siromani and his qualifications as yoga teacher are confirmed by Yoga Alliance. He has been practicing yoga for over 10 years, he travelled to India and other parts of the world many times where he deepened his yoga practice and gained life experience. He has led yoga classes in Wrocław for two years and since 2015 he has been running his own school of yoga, Agni.

„When I teach yoga I pay attention to the nervous system. I work with it through deep breath and concentration directed inwards. I lead dynamically, there is a lot of effort in my classes but also relaxation and mind quieting. What I find most important are relaxing breathing and correct, non-injurious performance of asanas.”