I dedicate myself to make Ayurveda clear and accessible for you.

Where would you like to start?

You want to get to know yourself better ...

What is your dosha, why it is so hard to determine and how to use this knowledge.

You want to know Ayurveda inside out…

Something that your tongue, stomach and your whole body will understand.

You will be both, full and light, calm and light-hearted at the same time, like after a long walk in the fresh air.

You want to take a break with yoga and Ayurveda...

Wonderful places filled with nature, that will boost your energy and vitality.
Yoga practice, where you develop your body awareness and relax the nervous system through work with body, mind and breath.
Experience the beauty of simple life, quiet and peace.

You want to study Ayurveda…

Your heart draws you to Ayurveda. You desire to discover it better, understand it for yourself and your loved ones.
You want to take a step towards new profession, that is valued more day by day.