An important element of Panchakarma are fundation therapies which are preparing the body for the purification process. These are:

1. Oleation

Snehana, with moisturizing and body oleation treatments. On the inside – the body will receive clarified butter (ghee), which facilitates the movement of toxins in the body. From the outside, we apply 1.5 – 2 hours full body massage. We use sesame oil for the massage, and depending on the needs of the patient, therapeutic oils based on herbs. For example: to reduce spinal pain, strengthening the hair and the nervous system, etc.

2. Heating / Stimulating

Swedana which helps to hydrate and open the body, so it becomes more receptive and open to the treatments. Depending on the needs and capabilities can be a hot bath session, hot shower, steam room or sauna.

Every day of Panchakarma covers the two basic treatments. Thanks to them, our body feels safe, relaxes and opens up the healing process. One of the relevant putification treatments is followed by this two hours fundation session for the body.

During Panchakarma we use Marma Therapy.

Therapy of energy points of the body. Their stimulation allows you to clear blockages in the flow of life energy. Stimulation of Marma points is a signal for the body and its individual organs that runs their ability to self-medicate.

During purification the diet is also important.

It is easy to digest, without heavy and appetizing products. As a result, our body gets the nutrients and support, while its main force focuses not on digestion, but on the purification. The main dish that we eat during Panchakarma is kicheri. Recipe for kicheri you can find here.

Patients are also receiving customized Ayurvedic herbs,

which supports treatment of selected organs: intestines, kidneys, liver and so-called neurotonics to relieve the nervous system.