About us

About us


Maria Nowak-Szabat

Ayurvedic therapist, holistic coach, psychologist and trainer, Sivananda Yoga teacher.

Ayurveda is my passion and my work.

I graduated from Polish studies and psychology at Jagiellonian University in Kraków. After the studies I searched for ways to connect mind and body. I have found Ayurveda. Together with my husband we studied it in India.

At Agni I am responsible for Ayurvedic consultations, which include dietary and psychological advice. Together with a client we discover a holistic picture of their health. As a result, they can understand themselves better and it is a starting point for further treatment. I offer holistic coaching to my clients. It is a beautiful continuation of the consultation and a great support to introduce changes in their lives.

From my own experience I know that the easiest way to understand Ayurveda is to taste it. Therefore, at Agni I run culinary workshops. I also give lectures and do workshops and courses in the field of Ayurveda and psychology of health.

I have practiced yoga for seven years, I stretch my body and ease my mind. I did Teachers Training Course (TTC) and Advanced Teachers’ Training Course (ATTC) for Sivananda Yoga teachers. Thanks to my beloved parents and grandparents I have a lot of good within me and I happily share it with others.

About us

Michał Szabat

Ayurvedic therapist and masseur, Sivananda yoga teacher.

I have been interested in Ajurveda for more than 7 years. It is my passion, my perception of the world and my way of life. I have completed a 500 h-course of Ayurvedic diagnosis and dietetics and also Ayurvedic therapist course. I have gained my knowledge in the city of Dharamsala in India from experienced physicians that run a Panchakarma Clinic there.

At Agni I am mainly responsible for Panchakarma therapy and therapeutic massage. I discover human body and its needs through touch.

I am also a certified Sivananda Yoga teacher. I practice yoga since over ten years. I have repeatedly traveled to India and other corners of this beautiful world, where I have deepened my practice of yoga and broadened my life experience.

I love cooking.

About us
About us

We searched for teachers who would share with us their full wisdom of Ayurveda for a couple of years. We feel deeply grateful to fate for leading us to Dharamsala in the Himalayas. The place itself is unique as it is where Dalai Lama and many Tibetans live, the Tibetan government has its seat there as well as many organizations and institutions working for Tibet.

In the Bhagsu Nag village situated slightly higher we have found our great teachers, Dr. Shivani Sood and Dr. Mahesh Kumar. They run the Panchakarma Clinic and the Asho Ayurveda school. They are a married us we are and it was additional inspiration. It showed us how by working together at full potential we could complement each other. Dr. Shivani Sood specializes in dietetics, Ayurvedic psychology and Marma Therapy, which helps to relieve emotions blocked in the body. Dr. Mahesh Kumar specializes in Ayurvedic and Panchakarma massages. They work in an international environment, often come to Europe. As a result, their approach to Ayurveda is full of respect for tradition and modern and flexible at the same time.


“Maria Nowak-Szabat studied in my clinic and finished studies under my supervision. Thanks to her psychological studies she had also reliable grounding, which helped her became an excelled ayurvedic therapist. Maria has great analysis skills and extraordinary techniques to teach in simple and accessible way. In Ayurveda it is very important to implement it in everyday life without ignoring its scientific, theoretical site. This is Maria kind of way of practising Ayurveda.

Maria and Michał ideally harmonize with each other. They take care of their patients and students very carefully and delicately.

I wish them all the best on their common journey with Ayurveda.”

Dr Shivani Sood, Dyrektor Asho Ayurveda & Shivani Clinic, Dharamsla, Indie


Read more about our teachers here: http://www.shivaniayurveda.com/



anna choinska

“Michał, Maria – the beauty of the feminine and masculine elements, which are inside of you, complete the body and spirit in fantastic way. There is no doubt, that I’ve touched the deepness thanks to the knowledge, wisdom, practice and intuition, which lead you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I recommend it to everybody, who seeks for the fullness of himself!”

Anna Choińska

anna rogowska 2

„Cooking workshops are pure magic – you eat until you’re full, but your body feels so light! Dishes are made from polish, native products, based on easy and fast recipes, with great atmosphere, cosiness and accessible knowledge. The secret ingredient are the species, which help in getting all the best from vegetables’ and fruits’ flavours. With them you can really make magic happen! It’s worth to get to know Maria & Michał – inspire with the way, they live, which complements with things, they teach. Thank you! I recommend them with all my heart!”

Anna Rogowska

ewa zagrodni nici 1

“Maria and Michał.. Two amazing people – Two Sunshines, which I met not so long ago. They shine with Power like Ayurveda, which they teach:-) Great ayurvedic therapists, who show how to take care of physical health and how to achieve balance at emotional and spiritual level. How to live beautifully, wisely, in harmony with ourselves and with the world, that surrounds us. Spending time with them, inspiring conversation, a gesture or smile… all of that makes a beneficial experience, which moves consciousness in deep, but natural way. It’s worth to get to know them during individual dietary and psychological consultation, take part in cooking workshops and immerse with trust into world of ayurvedic therapy and massages, which are the true medicine for body and soul. Maria and Michal show what is the essence of holistic life philosophy, how we can experience the complete wellbeing, bright mood and feeling vital in everyday life! I’m so thankful, that I’ve met them.. and, of course, I recommend working with them:-) Good job, my loved ones!”

Ewa Zagrodnik-Nicia
Holistic centrum “Inspiration” 

janek szpil 1

“I’ve met Maria thanks to yoga and Michal thanks to punk rock:) I fell in love in them, when they gave me to try food, which they prepared. I had a chance to take part in couple of meetings with Ayurveda, organised by them. Until now I tell my friends how almost any subject always leaded into talking about food:) Maria and Michał had a long journey to be in the place, where they are now. They checked at life different options and they found what is their true passion. They are tenacious and as yogis – extremely talented and chilled. That’s why they are so good in what they are doing. It’s really worth to teach from them. I recommend them.”

Janek Szpil

agnieszka orzałkiewicz 1

„I’ve met this couple. They looked like a usual couple, but the word “usual” didn’t fit them. We had countless conversations. Not only during lectures, but also cooking workshops or meeting. They entranced me completely.

Until today I’m impressed with their knowledge, wisdom and the way, in which they interest in other people. I am really thankful for home. It’s a true happiness to have this kind of people around you.”

Agnieszka Orzałkiewicz

Magdalena 2 1

“I’ve discovered Agni Ajurweda thanks to workshops, which were organised during Progessteron Festival. The energy of workshop’s teacher and her inner light were truly inspiring. That’s why I decided to meet with her during individual consultation. It was great, simple and friendly. The diagnosis was in 100% accurate and helped me to find harmony. I’ve started to love Agni Ajurweda because of solution’s simplicity, holistic approach, naturalness and openness. After entering Maria & Michal house you can feel like at home.”

Izabela Barć


„I met Michal and Maria in 2012 in Dharamsala, India where we all were studying together the wonderful knowledge of Ayurveda. We bonded very quickly – which is not difficult with both of them at all!!! – and shared our knowledge and experiences with Ayurveda and life in general. From the Ayurveda side they both had definitely already more great things to share, especially in the cooking department. I learnt more from them than from our teachers about ayurvedic cooking and we shared many wonderful meals together. This is actually one of the most outstanding qualities of both of them: they house and heart is always open, they never let anyone go hungry or with unexpressed feelings out of their home. They are true giving, loving and sharing people. This also truely reflects in their work. Maria has such a detailed and all encompassing approach in her consultations and a vast knowledge about the ayurvedic principles and how to apply them, in my eyes she was the best student in our class and I am sure she has even deepened her knowledge about Ayurveda even further. Everybody was keen to be her case study when it was our time to practise. Her qualities in Ayurvedic psychology are outstanding! Michal on the other hand is a guy with intuition. His pure heart guides him easily to the right questions and he has truely golden hands. Same as for the consultations with Maria, Michal was always to one everybody would queue up to get massage practise done with. We started to call him “Mr Marmi” as he picked up the very precise practise of Marma therapy as if he had been practising it already since years. He not only puts the right technique, but his whole heart into his treatments and really cares for the progress and healing of his patients. I can only HIGHLY RECOMMEND both of those amazing therapists!!! If I would be living in Poland I would be a regular customer in their center!”

Kathrin Seidl