Hi! We are Maria and Michał.

We have been doing Ayurveda professionally since 2013.

Get to know our history.

Initially, Ayurveda was only a passion for us, an activity that we devoted ourselves to in our free time. There came a moment when we wanted to deal only with Ayurveda - on every level of life - private and professional. That is why we decided to put everything on one card - in 2013 we created Agni Ajurweda and since then we have been dealing with our passion full time.

Was it easy? Not at all. It was a big change in our lives. Additionally, we decided to choose a profession that does not yet officially exist in Poland and was unknown.

How is it today? We do what we love. We have thousands of satisfied customers whom we have helped to benefit from Ayurveda. We trained several dozen Ayurvedic consultants, who just like us, want to pass on others the ayurvedic wisdom.

Privately, we are the parents of Jagódka and Kazik. Ayurveda is something what we live every day.

Get to know us better:

My name is Maria Nowak-Szabat.

I am an Ayurvedic teacher, psychologist, holistic coach and trainer, as well as a Sivananda Yoga teacher.

Initially, Ayurveda was a passion that I shared with my husband, Michał. I studied Polish and I was going to become a Polish teacher, but I changed my plans and started studies that appealed more to me - Psychology. For several years I worked as a psychologist-trainer and yoga teacher.

Today I am fulfilling myself in the profession of Ayurvedic therapist, also using my knowledge of psychology. I help my clients understand the causes, find solutions and put them into practice. I put my heart into making Ayurveda understandable and accessible to you.

My name is Michał Szabat,

I am an Ayurvedic therapist, massage therapist and Sivananda Yoga teacher.

Ayurveda is my passion, how I perceive the world and my way of life.

I have completed a 500-hour course in Ayurvedic diagnostics and dietetics and a course in Ayurvedic therapy. I acquired my knowledge in India in Dharamsala, from experienced doctors who run the Panchakarma Clinic.

At Agni, I mainly do Panchakarma therapy and therapeutic massages. By touch, I get to know the human body and its needs. Several dozen people have already completed Panchakarma under my supervision.

Why is it worth choosing us?

Our Mission?

We want Ayurveda to be understandable and accessible.

There are many books on Ayurveda available on the market, but they are often written in difficult, incomprehensible language that is confusing. We want Ayurveda to be understandable and accessible to you. So that you can use it effectively.

We both put our whole heart into it.

What do others say about us?

Check it out:
  • Maria and Michał ... Two extraordinary people - Two Suns met not so long time ago, who shine with full Power just like Ayurveda performed by them :-) Excellent Ayurvedic therapists who show how to care for physical health and emotional-spiritual balance to live beautifully, wisely, in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. Just being with them, an inspiring conversation, a gesture or a smile ... everything together becomes a beneficial experience that deeply and naturally grows awareness. It is worth meeting them at an individual nutritional and psychological session, taking part in culinary workshops or immersing yourself with full confidence into the world of Ayurvedic massages and therapies, which are a real balm for the body and soul. Maria and Michał show what a holistic philosophy of life is, how to experience full health, radiant mood and vitality every day! I am grateful that I got to know them ... and of course, I gladly recommend contacting them :-) Yes, keep it up my dear friends!
    Ewa Zagrodnik-Nicia
    Holistic Center 'Inspiration'
  • I met Maria thanks to yoga. I knew Michał indirectly through punk rock :) I fell in love with them at the same time when they let me try the food they made. I had the pleasure to participate in several meetings with Ayurveda organized by them and to this day I am telling my friends about it when the topic turns to food :) Maria and Michał have come a long way to what they are doing now. They checked various options in life and found what is their true passion. They are persistent and extremely talented yogis, and at the same time relaxed. That's why they are so good at what they do. It is worth learning from them. I highly recommend them.
    Janek Szpil
    Yoga Teacher
  • I met this couple, apparently ordinary, and yet this term does not suit them at all, because I met them in a yoga center, where they gave a lecture on Ayurveda. I couldn't miss it, because finally someone in Polish can answer a million questions that have been springing up in my head for so many years. There was no end to the talks. Not only during lectures, but also cooking workshops or meetings. They captivated me completely. To this day, I am impressed by their knowledge, wisdom and the way they are interested in other people. I am really grateful to them for their help. It is a real happiness to have such people around you.

    Agnieszka Orzałkiewicz
  • Cooking workshops are magic - you eat to the full and you still feel light. Dishes from our Polish, native products, simple recipes, quick to prepare, great atmosphere, cozy conditions, easily digestible knowledge. The secret ingredients are spices that bring out and enhance the taste of vegetables, fruit, grains - you can really charm with them. Unforgettable impressions, not only for the palate! It is worth getting to know Maria and Michał - be inspired by how they live, according to what they teach. Thank you and I recommend you from the bottom of my heart!
    Anna Rogowska
    psychologist and bodywork therapist
  • Nothing can express the gratitude in my heart for being here. Gratitude for allowing myself to finally take advantage of what my Heart had been drawing me to for years. This is my way, and tears of emotion appear on my face as I think about it. It's a real honor to be part of what you are creating.
    Monika Kuriata
  • I met Michal and Maria in 2012 in Dharamsala, India where we all were studying together the wonderful knowledge of Ayurveda. We bonded very quickly – which is not difficult with both of them at all!!! – and shared our knowledge and experiences with Ayurveda and life in general. From the Ayurveda side they both had definitely already more great things to share, especially in the cooking department. I learnt more from them than from our teachers about ayurvedic cooking and we shared many wonderful meals together. This is actually one of the most outstanding qualities of both of them: they house and heart is always open, they never let anyone go hungry or with unexpressed feelings out of their home. They are true giving, loving and sharing people. This also truely reflects in their work. Maria has such a detailed and all encompassing approach in her consultations and a vast knowledge about the ayurvedic principles and how to apply them, in my eyes she was the best student in our class and I am sure she has even deepened her knowledge about Ayurveda even further. Everybody was keen to be her case study when it was our time to practise. Her qualities in Ayurvedic psychology are outstanding! Michal on the other hand is a guy with intuition. His pure heart guides him easily to the right questions and he has truely golden hands. Same as for the consultations with Maria, Michal was always to one everybody would queue up to get massage practise done with. We started to call him “Mr Marmi” as he picked up the very precise practise of Marma therapy as if he had been practising it already since years. He not only puts the right technique, but his whole heart into his treatments and really cares for the progress and healing of his patients. I can only HIGHLY RECOMMEND both of those amazing therapists!!! If I would be living in Poland I would be a regular customer in their center!
    Kathrin Seidl
    Ayurvedic Therapist

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