Agni School
of Ayurveda


Depending on what level you are already familiar with Ayurveda and what plans you associate with it, I have prepared two variants of the course for you.

See what exactly I have prepared for you:

Agni School of Ayurveda

Do you want to learn Ayurveda from scratch or expand your current knowledge? Or maybe you are considering starting Ayurveda professionally or combining it with what you already do?

This course has been designed to help you with that. Thanks to it, you will learn how to take advantage of Ayurveda - how to better understand your health and help effectively - yourself, your relatives and your clients.

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Agni School of Ayurveda part 2

Have you completed " Agni School of Ayurveda part 1" course and decided that Ayurveda is something you want to do professionally?

If so, then this course is for you. Thanks to it, you will gain confidence and experience in what you do, you will have an internship under my supervision and you will obtain the qualifications of an Ayurvedic consultant in accordance with international guidelines.

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