Summit 2022

Feel how Ayurveda connects the world and awards us with its universal knowledge about life


Online Ayurveda Conference

World-renowned Ayurvedic experts and Ayurvedic practitioners from Poland. Feel their energy, listen and see how they share their knowledge in an interesting formula of conversations

Ayurveda Summit 2022

is 8 days and 33 speakers, thanks to which you could:

  • Be immersed in the centuries-old practice of Ayurveda
  • Learn how diverse and comprehensive the Ayurvedic approach to health is
  • Learn about Ayurveda from real people, empathetic for your abilities and limitiations
  • Get a handful of practical tips and inspiration on how to use Ayurveda on a daily basis
  • Walk away inspired and more connected to yourself
  • Deepen your understanding of Ayurveda
  • Understand how to better weather the storm in times of change.

I help people benefit from Ayurveda in their personal and professional lives. Therefore, I have made every effort to ensure that you can get the most out of the Ayurveda Summit 2022.

What exactly did you receive as part of the event?

Detailed, structured knowledge of Ayurveda
33 recordings of conversations with people from Poland and around the world
Polish subtitles for English-language recordings
Bonus surprise recordings

Meet the speakers

Maria Nowak Szabat

Ayurveda for your business

Maria Nowak-Szabat

Ayurvedic therapist and psychologist. Helping people benefit from Ayurveda, she puts her heart into making the practice understandable and accessible. Along with husband Michał, she has been running Agni Ajurweda for eight years.

Michał Szabat

Ayurveda and sport

Michał Szabat

Ayurvedic therapist and masseur, certified Sivananda yoga teacher. He specializes in Panchakarma. He learns about the human body and its needs thorugh touch.

Dr Dilbag Jindal

Ayurvedic immunity - body, mind and soul

Dr Dilbag Jindal

Ayurvedic cleansing and pulse diagnosis specialist. He travels all over Poland conducting lectures and Ayurvedic consultations. He works at Sri Sri Ayurveda Poland.

Michael Mastro

What is the consultation of Vastu - Vedic Architecture?

Michael Mastro

Expert of Vastu Shastra, the Indian art of space planning, teacher of yoga and meditation techniques. Spirituality and Health magazine has named him one of the top 100 yoga and Ayurveda practitioners in the world.

Cate Stillman

Leaders in the world of Ayurveda

Cate Stillman

Entrepreneur, Ayurvedic practitioner, certified yoga teacher. Since 2001, she has been systematically developing the YogaHealer platform, which has become an interactive place for yoga practitioners and people looking to improve their personal and social well-being.

Wanda Kruszyńska

Trimesters of pregnancy from an ayurvedic perspective

Wanda Kruszyńska

Therapist, specialist in Ayurvedic therapy and massage and Ayurvedic after-care. Since 2005, she has been working specifically with the body and breathing.

Dr Janardhana V. Hebbar

Building an online Ayurvedic practice from scratch

Dr Janardhana V. Hebbar

An Ayurvedic doctor who attracts patients from all over the world, author of several books on Ayurveda and expert in Ayurvedic pharmacy.

Robin Mastro

Vedic altar on the summer solstice. The balance of femininity and masculinity.

Robin Mastro

Meditation and Vedic techniques teacher. Co-founder of Vastu Creations, LLC and the American Institute of Vastu, companies dedicated to eliminating environmental stress to increase productivity, health and wellness.

Monika Ptak-Korbacz

Ayurvedic rites of passage to help separate work from family life

Monika Ptak-Korbacz

A culture expert, instructor of psychosomatic exercises with a specialization in pilates, a naturotherapist, an Ayurvedic therapist, lecturer and mother of three children. Author of several books on Ayurveda. She writes popular science articles and runs a blog.

Dr Chitrangana Chauhan

Anxiety and depression from an Ayurvedic perspective. Recommendations.

Dr Chitrangana Chauhan

MA in Ayurvedic psychiatry with 10 years of clinical experience. She specializes in Ayurveda, Nadi Pariksh's pulse diagnosis, psychiatry, psychology, yoga, nature therapy and dietetics.

Scott Roos

Mantras and planets in Vedic astrology

Scott Roos

Writer, Ayurvedic practitioner, energy healer, yoga instructor, yoga philosophy and yoga sutras teacher, Vedic astrologer and Sanskrit teacher. He practiced with Dr Vasant Lad. Taking advantage of his wealth of Vedic knowledge, he has been helping others for many years.

Dr Akil

The path of a doctor combining conventional and holistic medicine

Dr Akil Palanisamy

A doctor combining conventional medical knowledge with a holistic approach to health offered, among other things, by Ayurveda. He studied biochemistry at Harvard University and Ayurveda at Arya Vaidya Chikitsalayam in Coimbatore, India. Author of the book The Paleovedic Diet.

Angela Hope-Murray

Musculoskeletal medicine in a duet with Ayurveda

Angela Hope-Murray

Ayurvedic practitioner, podiatrist, osteopath and Marma puncturist. Angela has practiced medicine for over 40 years. She is interested in psychosomatics and medical conditions.She is an international speaker and president of the British Marmapuncture Association.

Claire Ragozzino

Ayurvedic approach to modern nutrition

Claire Ragozzino

Yoga instructor and Ayurvedic practitioner with specialization in nutrition, natural cooking, health and fertility of women. Claire is the author of the popular Vidya Living website, she writes and photographs. Her first book, Living Ayurveda, includes a comprehensive collection of Ayurvedic recipes and a lifestyle guide.

Yogi Cameron

Sources of success in Ayurveda

Yogi Cameron

NAMA certified Ayurvedic practitioner. Yogi travels the world as a teacher and speaker spreading the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine, yoga sciences and conscious lifestyle practice. Author of three books and a TV show.

Mas Vidal

The evolution revolution: Yoga, Ayurveda and the rise of the soft power culture

Mas Vidal

Yogi, mystic, and practitioner of Ayurveda. His diverse background in athletics, therapeutics, science and ecology has led him to become an innovative voice in the field of integral yoga, Ayurveda and Indic culture. Mas offers unique certification and educational programs internationally and maintains an active counseling practice that embraces Vedanta, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology. He is the director and founder of Dancing Shiva.

Karolina Szaciłło

Oiling in Ayurveda

Karolina and Maciej Szaciłło

She, a journalist, teacher of breathing techniques and meditation. He, a vegetarian cook, author of culinary and lifestyle books, passionate about dietetics, Eastern medicine and yoga. They run a blog about a healthy way of life, culinary shows, webinars and workshops. Together, they created the Prakriti cosmetics brand.

Dr Radha Jindal

Ayurvedic milestones in child development

Dr Radha Jindal

A graduate of one of the largest schools in India, Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research. A specialist in the field of pulse diagnosis and an expert on children care. She has extensive experience in the field of pediatric practice.

Partap Chauhan

How can one cope with demanding times?

Dr Partap Chauhan

Ayurvedic physician, one of the few experts who studied Ayurveda in its original form. Associated with many international Ayurvedic institutions and universities. He treats chronic patients and specializes in incurable diseases. He has received many awards in India and around the world for his medical activities. Founder of the Jiva Ayurveda Institute.

Kate O'Donnel

What is sattva and how to draw from it in everyday life?

Kate O'Donnell

International presenter, yoga teacher and founder of The Ayurvedic Living Institute - an online center for Ayurvedic education. Author of three books on Ayurvedic cuisine and lifestyle.

Piyush Mittal

Marma points

Piyush Mittal

A specialist in meditation, pranayama, marma therapy and mindfulness. He has been practicing yoga for 35 years and has experience in transmitting the depth of the Indian art of caring for the body, mind and soul he has won over 120 workshops and courses as an organizer.

Bartek Korpacz

Ayurvedic massages and therapies

Bartek Korpacz

Ayurvedic masseur, practicing Ayurveda since 1996. He trained and worked in Germany, India, Canada, France and Russia. Observes the beneficial effects of Ayurvedic massages and the universal application of Ayurveda in everyday life.

Jessica Vellela

Directions of Ayurvedic development in the modern world

Dr Jessica Vellela

Educator, global practitioner and the first American woman who became a Doctor of Āyurvedic medicine and practiced independently in India. In 2015, she founded the ĀYU Academy to bring Ayurveda to those who seek it. Her teaching style and methodology make the complexities of Ayurvedic medicine accessible to Western audiences.

Patrycja Rothitor

Marma point massage to improve digestive system and skin health

Patrycja Rotithor

Ayurvedic consultant. She gained knowledge in India, at many training courses and through constant cooperation with an Ayurvedic doctor. She has lived in Asia for years. Together with her husband, who comes from India, she created the CHIC CHIQ brand, which offers skin care inspired by Ayurveda.

Marcin Skowroński

5 of the most popular Ayurvedic herbs

Marcin Skowroński

A passionate promoter of a conscious and healthy lifestyle. An Ayurvedic consultant, a Creation Process method specialist and a Tibetan bowl sound therapist, Lomi Lomi Nui masseur. Traveler. He seeks simple methods of recovery and coping with stress.

Jarosław Bizberg

How to effectively support yourself and your surroundings with the help of Homa Therapy

Jarosław Bizberg

Certified Homa Therapy teacher, president of the Homa Therapy Polska Foundation and co-founder of Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya Polska. Pioneer of spiritual ecology. Since 1974 he has been practicing Agnihotra, Ayurvedic healing fire. Author of the book Homa Farming for New Age.

Katarzyna Kraczkowska

Vastu in the home office

Katarzyna Kraczkowska

Architect since 2006 and Ayurvedic consultant since 2018. The first designer of Vastu Shastra in Poland, certified by the American Vastu Institute. According to Katarzyna, the home of conscious people is a healthy home, in harmony with the laws of nature and bringing good luck.

Maria Nowak Szabat i Michał Szabat

Building a loving relationship on Ayurvedic understanding

Maria Nowak-Szabat and Michał Szabat

Ayurvedic therapists and Sivananda yoga teachers. Helping people make use of Ayurveda in their personal and professional life. Ayurvedic couple for 22 years. Parents of two kids. They have been running Agni Ajurweda in Poland since 2013.

Agnieszka Górecka Dolny

Ayurveda - the missing link in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases

Agnieszka Górecka-Dolny

A doctor by profession. She began her journey with Ayurveda by reading "Perfect Health" by Dr. Deepak Chopra. She healed her ailments by natural means. A graduate of the first part of the Ayurvedic School. She combines medical knowledge with practical lifestyle medicine, which is Ayurveda.

Diana Mazur

Assertiveness - Ayurvedic approach

Diana Mazur

New Consciousness Consultant. Diana benefits from Ayurveda and Theta healing. She inspires ambitious women, ready to find balance and joy in life.

Roma Leśny

How has Ayurvedic psychology allowed me to better understand myself?

Roma Leśny

After 25 years of professional work in the tax area, she felt the need to completely change her career path. As an Ayurvedic consultant, she helps women recover and find balance in every area of ​​life.

Łucja Serafin

Opening my heart to Ayurveda and myself

Łucja Serafin

Ayurvedic consultant and circle-holding woman. Łucja accompanies other women on their way to health. She is close to topics related to nutrition, composing a seasonal diet, and maintaining a satisfactory weight.

What do the participants of the Ayurveda Summit 2022 say?

See for yourself:

  • Nina
    It was a really huge dose of positive and inspiring knowledge, reflection, experiences, it raised my energy and humor. I am impressed by the selection of such diverse guests and content as well as your questions that clarified or broadened the topic.
  • Dorota Pawłow
    It is absolutely a feast for body, mind and spirit! A great group of experts, Ayurveda and yoga practitioners. Incredible energy, warmth, accurate questions and lightness. Lots of wonderful knowledge that seems inexhaustible and at the same time mysterious, even divine, and beyond comprehension of the mind.
    Dorota Pawłow
  • Iwona Kopacz
    I was impressed by the variety and selection of speakers. Ayurveda has become even more understandable and accessible for me. It gained a wide range of possibilities that I have not seen before.
    Iwona Kopacz
  • Anita Milewska-Kozakiewicz
    Thank you for the opportunity to listen to so many inspiring people. Their own example, peace, openness and joy are the best showcase of Ayurveda. From each lecture I heard, I wrote down 1 or 2 tips and put it into practice. I have already managed to do a lot for myself. I hope that by my example I will be able to inspire others to change.
    Anita Milewska-Kozakiewicz
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