Ayurveda Summit - Ayurveda in understandable and accessible way


Feel how Ayurveda connects the world and gives us its universal knowledge of life


The first online Ayurvedic conference in Poland.

World-renowned experts as well as Ayurvedic practitioners from Poland. In an accessible and understandable form of conversations with the most outstanding people who are active in Ayurveda sphere.

Ayurveda Summit 2020

is 7 days and 22 speakers, thanks to which you could:

  • Reach for the old and proven Ayurveda
  • Find support and confidence in it
  • Hear about Ayurveda in understandable way, full of empathy for your abilities and limitations
  • Relax when you hear the answers to the questions you are asking yourself
  • Get inspired and more grounded
  • Deepen your understanding of Ayurveda
  • Learn the knowledge that shelters you in times of change

I put my heart into making Ayurveda understandable and accessible to you. Therefore, I have made every effort to ensure that you can get the most out of the Ayurveda Summit 2020.

What exactly did you receive as part of the event?

Specific, structured knowledge of Ayurveda
22 recordings of conversations with people from Poland and around the world
Polish subtitles for English-language recordings
Bonus surprise recording in the form of Q&A from Dr Vasant Lad

What do the participants of the Ayurveda Summit 2020 say?

See for yourself:

  • Agnieszka Warpas
    A great selection and combination of various experts whose knowledge gives a broad picture of Ayurveda as the endless harmony and interplay of the universe. Thanks to Ayurveda Summit, I took a step back and embraced the concept of existence from a broader perspective. I'm calmer now and I'm excited about what to do next.
    Agnieszka Warpas
  • Ola Najderek
    This summit is an inspiration for a better life. Now I have an urgent need to explore Ayurveda. I feel that I have found my home in a maze of information. I don't remember when something got me involved so much. I appreciate the variety: from scientific conversations to very human, ordinary but inspiring stories.
    Ola Najderek
  • Sylwia Kwiatkowska
    After listening to the recordings from Ayurveda Summit, I feel calm, in trust, joyful, in action. I am tremendously amazed by how accessible the information is and how much I can apply to my daily life straight away.
    Sylwia Kwiatkowska
  • Magdalena Daciuk
    I can feel as if Ayurveda is at my fingertips, just reach for it and start delving into it, starting with small steps. Summit has given me access to the knowledge and experience of so many wonderful people. Thanks to this, I want to be even closer to Ayurveda, live in harmony with nature, with myself, become a better person - for myself and others.
    Magdalena Daciuk
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