Agni School of Ayurveda
Part 1

Understand your health better
and help yourself,
your relatives and clients effectively.


Agni School of Ayurveda Part 1 is a course that will help you get to know Ayurveda in depth - in theory and in practice.

Sign-ups start at the beginning of 2023
The course starts in March 2023

Do you already know Ayurveda and feel that it is something for you?

You've heard about Ayurveda, you know a little about it, but it's hard for you to put this knowledge together. You would like to start getting to know it from the scratch, step by step. So that Ayurveda becomes understandable, accessible and that you can use it - in the context of your health, your relatives' health or, what's more, your clients.

What exactly are we talking about? Perhaps you are a psychologist, dietitian. Or are you a yoga teacher? You work with people. However, you feel that something is missing.

And Ayurveda could complement what you do professionally.

This course will help you learn Ayurveda from A to Z - slowly, thoroughly, under my supervision. Thanks to this, you will be able to use it effectively in your life, exactly as you need it.

Agni School of Ayurveda Part 1 is 80 hours of online learning, 40 hours of practice and 14 hours of live lessons, thanks to which:

  • you will get to know and understand Ayurveda well - in theory and practice,
  • you will be able to use it every day,
  • you will learn to use Ayurveda in the context of yourself, your relatives and your clients,
  • you will lay the foundation for the work of an Ayurvedic consultant,
  • you will broaden your existing competences with Ayurveda.

This is a course that will teach you to consciously use Ayurveda - both privately and professionally.

Hello, my name is Maria Nowak-Szabat.

I am an Ayurvedic teacher, therapist and psychologist.

I have been dealing with Ayurveda professionally since 2013.

During this time, I conducted several thousand hours of workshops and trainings. Several thousand people took part in my online consultations and courses.

I ask, improve and observe the latest solutions in the field of on-line education. I always focus on understandable and accessible language.

You can be sure that in this course you will use proven solutions that I have tested - in my life and in my business.

I put my heart into making Ayurveda understandable and accessible to you. That is why I have made every effort to ensure that you can get the most out of the course.

What exactly will you get in the Agni School of Ayurveda Part 1?

Specific, structured knowledge of Ayurveda.

Exercises to help you get to know Ayurveda in practice.

Regular online meetings and the opportunity to ask questions.

My support during the course, so you can handle everything.

What are the women who have already graduated from Agni School of Ayurveda Part 1 saying?

See for yourself:
  • Thanks to Agni School of Ayurveda, the awareness of myself increased greatly. I also understand other people better - their needs, what they come to me with. I have learned to see each person as a unique unit, without judgments or top-down assumptions.
    dr n. med. Agata Plech
  • A great advantage of Agni School of Ayurveda is its organization, a scheme for presenting knowledge about Ayurveda. The materials are in-depth on the one hand, and very concise on the other, you learn what you really need. Everything is logically ordered. Marysia guided us gently, step by step, but also gave us a space for independent work
    Anna Wojżigiało
  • I thought that since the Universe had brought me to this path, I had no right to give it up. And I feel like it has really paid off. Ayurveda turned out to be the missing piece that made me feel better.
    Elena Chonka
  • Agni School of Ayurveda is probably the only place in Poland where Ayurveda is being taught in such an accessible way. It is rare not only that it is taught in Polish, but also that knowledge is presented in such words, in such a way that it enters the head like butter.
    Beata Szałas-Patel
  • The course was of great value to me for three main reasons: 1. I was given specific tips and tools for working with clients. 2. It was learning by doing. Each content block was followed by exercises and checking this knowledge in practise. 3. We could get to know the backstage of Maria's work, learn how she consults clients, how she approaches them and what recommendations she gives them.
    Magda Tarnawska

Agni School of Ayurveda Part 1 is especially for you if:

You already know Ayurveda and you feel that this is something you have found yourself in and you want to follow.

You want to learn how to use Ayurveda effectively and improve your quality of life.

You dream of a freelance, independent profession that will allow you to fulfill yourself and help others and yourself.

In the future, you want to become an Ayurvedic consultant and you want to be well prepared for it.

See what it was like at the last workshop in Podlasie

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