The book "Mental health with Ayurveda. You'll pull yourself together."

As a psychologist and Ayurvedic therapist, I have written a book that will help you understand Ayurveda through the prism of mental health. Without unnecessary theory, you will learn what do you need to be able to function well throughout the day - relaxed, focused and happy.

I've met hundreds of women on my way. And you know what? Almost all of them mentioned ailments with mental health.

Seemingly harmless, slightly impeding everyday life. Problems with focusing your thoughts on one task to be more productive. Difficulties in understanding information, efficient communication with other people. Cognitive fog - a state where everything is heavier, slower. Mood swings, poor sleep quality, constant fatigue...

You may have similar symptoms. You feel that something is wrong with you, but you don't know what exactly. And you don't know how to deal with it. Maybe you are looking for information on your own, but everyone says something different. I know that in such situations we are prone to leave things as they are.

But… wait. Imagine that everything starts to fall into place. You understand better what is happening to you. You get accessible, specific and practical recommendations that you can put into practice right away.

You can see the connection between the body and the psyche and ... You pull yourself together.

"Mental health with Ayurveda. You'll pull yourself together."

it is knowledge that I pass on in an accessible way, in simple language. Thanks to it:

  • you will take care of your body and mind well-being,
  • you will feel inner peace and harmony,
  • you will get to know your dosha and you will know what upsets it and how to balance it,
  • you will take care of yourself holistically and you will feel better.

"Mental health with Ayurveda. You'll pull yourself together." is as many as 381 pages where I put the quintessence of knowledge about mental health, the one that I gained while studying Ayurveda and studying academic psychology. I will show you step by step how to find inner peace and contentment.

This book is especially for you if:

You feel that something in your life is wrong

You don't know how to deal with it. Your body plays tricks on you - you can see the connections between your body and your mind, but you can't put it all together.

You have too much information

You don't quite know who to listen to and whom to believe. You read information on the Internet and get lost in it. Everyone says something different, and you find it hard to relate to yourself.

You've dealt with Ayurveda before, but your knowledge is chaotic and random

Thanks to the book, you will organize what you already know. You will dispel all doubts and everything will start to fall in one place.

You work with people or you just want to help your loved ones

It is universal knowledge - once you understand it, you can use it in many different situations. In the context of yourself, your relatives and your clients.

Who am I and why did I write this book?

My name is Maria Nowak-Szabat, I am an Ayurvedic teacher, therapist and psychologist. I help women benefit from Ayurveda in their personal and professional lives.

I help my clients understand the causes of their ailments, find solutions and put them into practice.

Together with my husband Michał, I have been running Agni Ajurweda since 2013. I am the mother of Jagódka and Kazik. Ayurveda is what we live every day.

I wrote this book so that you can understand Ayurveda through the prism of mental health. Without unnecessary theory and stuffing your head with Sanskrit, you'll find out what you need to make you feel better.

What are people who already use this book saying?

Get to know their opinions:

  • When looking for ways to heal, we need the right guides. Someone who has knowledge, experience, wisdom, intuition, but also looks and sees with the heart. As if he was led by the invisible hand of Love. This is how I experience Maria Nowak-Szabat. She is a combination of exactly these qualities. She is the soul of Ayurveda. We are in good hands with Maria. Here at last we find the paths of deeper healing coming from the harmony and balancing the body, mind and soul.
    Anna Choińska
    Family Reconciliation Institute
  • When I met Maria, I was still working as a psychodietician. I thought: nothing can surprise me anymore! But she did. With her warmth. With connecting chaotically scattered dots. With forbearance. With stunning knowledge given so simply that I was immediately able to put it into reality. After several years of acquaintance, she still surprises me with consequence in carrying out her mission, with the enthusiasm she puts into her development. And honestly, I may sometimes have a different opinion, I may see things differently from her, but one thing I'm sure of, this woman is changing the world.
    Dorota Jesiołowska-Sołoducha
  • Maria is doing a great job popularizing Ayurveda in Poland. She generously shares her knowledge during numerous courses and webinars. Maria has the gift of speaking about Ayurveda in a simple and understandable way. As a result, many people have benefited from this beautiful, holistic, ancient knowledge about health. "Mental Health with Ayurveda" is the first book written by a Polish author dealing with psychology from the perspective of Ayurveda. I foretell her the great success
    Renata Karoń-Słomczyńska
    konsultantka ajurwedyjska, blogerka kulinarna

"Mental health with Ayurveda. You'll pull yourself together." is a book that will allow you to see the connections between the body and the psyche. This is the book that will help you pull yourself together.

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