On this page you will find all the books that we have prepared for you in the form of an eBook - in electronic format.


Check what exactly we can offer you:

"Mental health with Ayurveda. You'll pull yourself together." - eBook (by Maria)

it is knowledge that I pass on in an accessible way, in simple language. Thanks to it:

  • you will take care of your body and mind well-being,
  • you will feel inner peace and harmony,
  • you will get to know your dosha and you will know what upsets it and how to balance it,
  • you will take care of yourself holistically and you will feel better.

"Mental health with Ayurveda. You'll pull yourself together." is as many as 381 pages where I put the quintessence of knowledge about mental health, the one that I gained while studying Ayurveda and studying academic psychology. I will show you step by step how to find inner peace and contentment.

"Legumes in Ayurveda" - eBook (by Michał)

Did you know that pods are a great source of protein and vitamins? However, many people are prejudiced against them - they associate pea soup or baked beans with bloating and stomach pain. Do you have that too?

It doesn't have to be that way. In the eBook you will find, among other things:

  • lots of recipes for easily digestible dishes with pods (including desserts!),
  • detailed descriptions, benefits and healing properties of as many as 15 types of pods,
  • information on what to combine with, how to season, how long to soak and cook individual beans - both in a pot and in a pressure cooker.

Thanks to this eBook you will rediscover legumes, get to know many new flavors and learn how to create tasty, unique and healthy dishes.

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