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"Mental health with Ayurveda. You'll pull yourself together." - eBook (by Maria)

Mental health with Ayurveda. You'll pull yourself together, is almost 400 pages where I put the essence of knowledge about mental health from the Ayurvedic perspective.

This is the knowledge that I gained during my studies in psychology and during several years of practicing Ayurveda. In my first book, I show you step by step how to find inner peace and contentment. In an accessible way, in simple, understandable language.

The Mental Health with Ayurveda ebook will help you understand your dosha and understand what is upsetting it. You will get specific, proven ways of returning to a state of harmony and balancing what is not serving you. You will take care of yourself holistically and you will enjoy a great sense of well-being.

The second, revised edition of the book provides a clearer layout, thanks to which you will be able to benefit even more fully from the millennial wisdom of Ayurveda.

I encourage you to travel deep into yourself.

This knowledge is communicated in an accessible way, in simple language.

"Legumes in Ayurveda" - eBook (by Michał)

Are you wondering how to cook legumes so that they are light and digestive system friendly? The Legumes in Ayurveda e-book is here to help. Inside you will find over 60 original recipes for easily digestible dishes with legumes as the main ingredient (including spice mixes and desserts).

According to Ayurveda, legumes are an extremely important part of the daily diet. They help build and nourish all seven tissues in the body, especially muscle tissue. This makes them especially important for people on a vegetarian diet.

The protein contained in the legumes has completely different properties than the protein found in meat products, cheese, eggs and fish. At the same time, digestion of legumes requires some effort and knowledge of how to cook them.

The Legumes in Ayurveda e-book will allow you to rediscover legumes. Thanks to it, you will finally learn how to cook beans, taking into account the recommendations for each of the doshas, ​​you will get to know many new flavors and you will learn to create tasty, original and healthy dishes. It's time to change the diet - yours and your loved ones - to a healthier and closer to nature one.

"Conversations about Dharma" - eBook (by Maria)

Dharma is one of the pillars of Ayurveda. It means following with your heart. Dharma is living in accordance with the purpose with which we came into this world. In the Conversations about Dharma e-book, you will learn about the different paths to finding your inner truth.

You will feel the power and inspiration flowing from the stories of extraordinary successful women - visionaries, therapists, coaches and mentors, from Poland and abroad. These are honest, touching and very personal stories about self-acceptance and finding out about your own truth about life.

Through this ebook, you will learn thirteen different definitions and personal interpretations of what Dharma is. You will learn what to look for when trying to find it in your life. It is rarely a bed of roses. But both me and each of my remarkable interlocutors, we have no doubt that this effort is absolutely worth making.

The e-book Conversations about Dharma has been created to give you inspiration and tips on what to pay attention to during this amazing journey.

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