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How to take care of your body and well-being in a holistic way?

Perhaps you feel that something in your life is not exactly going as you would wish. You get the impression that your health, both physical and emotional, is not in the best shape. It's a bit like you don't feel like yourself and you don't quite understand where the reason is… You want to change something, but you feel a bit confused and don't know where to start to improve your life.

Now listen, you can enjoy health, happiness and well-being. You can feel good in your skin, with yourself.

If you wish, I could help you achieve this state through Ayurveda. I will introduce you to it and show you in an understandable way. It’s quite possible that some of its elements overlap with your current life.

And if you already know Ayurveda, but you would like to explore it even more, you will also find a lot of goodness for yourself here.

Check what exactly you can benefit from:

In what situations is it worth introducing Ayurveda into your life?

You feel that something is wrong with you and that’s why you can’t make the most of your life. You feel inner anxiety.
You get the feeling that you feel worse and worse over time. You are tired and you want to change it.

You want to change your habits, but you give up quickly and return to old patterns.
Sometimes you feel as if something is drawing energy out of you, You are feeling low and uncomfortable.

You've tried to introduce a healthy lifestyle hundreds of times. However, you were always reverting to old habits.
You have trouble concentrating, you can’t focus on one thing for a long time.
If you identify with at least one of these situations, then it is worth giving Ayurveda a chance.

If you've already had a contact with Ayurveda, I have a bit more to offer you

Agni School of Ayurveda

Do you already know Ayurveda? Do you want to explore it even more or are you thinking about taking it as a profession?

If so, this course may be for you. Click the button below for details.

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Panchakarma is the most complex and at the same time the most powerful healing therapy in Ayurveda.

It helps to maintain balance and good health, as well as deal with specific ailments (such as flatulence, headaches, and even asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure). Panchakarma will help people who are already familiar with Ayurveda. Click the button below for details.

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Who are we and what do we do?

My name is Maria Nowak-Szabat - I am Ayurveda teacher and therapist and also psychologist. I practice Ayurveda with my husband - Michał.

Initially, Ayurveda was a hobby for us, a passion, something we did in our free time. Then it became a way of life. In 2013, we decided together that we would like to make it our profession and founded Agni Ajurweda.

Our mission?

We know that one can read a book about Ayurveda and learn nothing or remember a little theory. But this will not make a person start using it and feel positive changes.

We want Ayurveda to be understandable and accessible. That is why we put our heart into it so that every person interested in Ayurveda can easily understand it, and then use it and enjoy the best possible version of themselves.


Why is it worth using Ayurveda with my help?

What do people who have already got to know us and completed our courses or workshops say?

Get to know their opinions:

  • Nina
    It was a really huge dose of positive and inspiring knowledge, reflection, experiences, it raised my energy and humor. I am impressed by the selection of such diverse guests and content as well as your questions that clarified or broadened the topic.
  • Dorota Pawłow
    It is absolutely a feast for body, mind and spirit! A great group of experts, Ayurveda and yoga practitioners. Incredible energy, warmth, accurate questions and lightness. Lots of wonderful knowledge that seems inexhaustible and at the same time mysterious, even divine, and beyond comprehension of the mind.
    Dorota Pawłow
  • Iwona Kopacz
    I was impressed by the variety and selection of speakers. Ayurveda has become even more understandable and accessible for me. It gained a wide range of possibilities that I have not seen before.
    Iwona Kopacz
  • Anita Milewska-Kozakiewicz
    Thank you for the opportunity to listen to so many inspiring people. Their own example, peace, openness and joy are the best showcase of Ayurveda. From each lecture I heard, I wrote down 1 or 2 tips and put it into practice. I have already managed to do a lot for myself. I hope that by my example I will be able to inspire others to change.
    Anita Milewska-Kozakiewicz
  • Agnieszka Warpas
    A great selection and combination of various experts whose knowledge gives a broad picture of Ayurveda as the endless harmony and interplay of the universe. Thanks to Ayurveda Summit, I took a step back and embraced the concept of existence from a broader perspective. I'm calmer now and I'm excited about what to do next.
    Agnieszka Warpas
  • Ola Najderek
    This summit is an inspiration for a better life. Now I have an urgent need to explore Ayurveda. I feel that I have found my home in a maze of information. I don't remember when something got me involved so much. I appreciate the variety: from scientific conversations to very human, ordinary but inspiring stories.
    Ola Najderek
  • Sylwia Kwiatkowska
    After listening to the recordings from Ayurveda Summit, I feel calm, in trust, joyful, in action. I am tremendously amazed by how accessible the information is and how much I can apply to my daily life straight away.
    Sylwia Kwiatkowska
  • Magdalena Daciuk
    I can feel as if Ayurveda is at my fingertips, just reach for it and start delving into it, starting with small steps. Summit has given me access to the knowledge and experience of so many wonderful people. Thanks to this, I want to be even closer to Ayurveda, live in harmony with nature, with myself, become a better person - for myself and others.
    Magdalena Daciuk
  • When looking for ways to heal, we need the right guides. Someone who has knowledge, experience, wisdom, intuition, but also looks and sees with the heart. As if he was led by the invisible hand of Love. This is how I experience Maria Nowak-Szabat. She is a combination of exactly these qualities. She is the soul of Ayurveda. We are in good hands with Maria. Here at last we find the paths of deeper healing coming from the harmony and balancing the body, mind and soul.
    Anna Choińska
    Family Reconciliation Institute
  • Maria and Michał ... Two extraordinary people - Two Suns met not so long time ago, who shine with full Power just like Ayurveda performed by them :-) Excellent Ayurvedic therapists who show how to care for physical health and emotional-spiritual balance to live beautifully, wisely, in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. Just being with them, an inspiring conversation, a gesture or a smile ... everything together becomes a beneficial experience that deeply and naturally grows awareness. It is worth meeting them at an individual nutritional and psychological session, taking part in culinary workshops or immersing yourself with full confidence into the world of Ayurvedic massages and therapies, which are a real balm for the body and soul. Maria and Michał show what a holistic philosophy of life is, how to experience full health, radiant mood and vitality every day! I am grateful that I got to know them ... and of course, I gladly recommend contacting them :-) Yes, keep it up my dear friends!
    Ewa Zagrodnik-Nicia
    Holistic Center 'Inspiration'
  • I met Maria thanks to yoga. I knew Michał indirectly through punk rock :) I fell in love with them at the same time when they let me try the food they made. I had the pleasure to participate in several meetings with Ayurveda organized by them and to this day I am telling my friends about it when the topic turns to food :) Maria and Michał have come a long way to what they are doing now. They checked various options in life and found what is their true passion. They are persistent and extremely talented yogis, and at the same time relaxed. That's why they are so good at what they do. It is worth learning from them. I highly recommend them.
    Janek Szpil
    Yoga Teacher
  • I met this couple, apparently ordinary, and yet this term does not suit them at all, because I met them in a yoga center, where they gave a lecture on Ayurveda. I couldn't miss it, because finally someone in Polish can answer a million questions that have been springing up in my head for so many years. There was no end to the talks. Not only during lectures, but also cooking workshops or meetings. They captivated me completely. To this day, I am impressed by their knowledge, wisdom and the way they are interested in other people. I am really grateful to them for their help. It is a real happiness to have such people around you.

    Agnieszka Orzałkiewicz
  • When I met Maria, I was still working as a psychodietician. I thought: nothing can surprise me anymore! But she did. With her warmth. With connecting chaotically scattered dots. With forbearance. With stunning knowledge given so simply that I was immediately able to put it into reality. After several years of acquaintance, she still surprises me with consequence in carrying out her mission, with the enthusiasm she puts into her development. And honestly, I may sometimes have a different opinion, I may see things differently from her, but one thing I'm sure of, this woman is changing the world.
    Dorota Jesiołowska-Sołoducha
  • Thanks to Agni School of Ayurveda, the awareness of myself increased greatly. I also understand other people better - their needs, what they come to me with. I have learned to see each person as a unique unit, without judgments or top-down assumptions.
    dr n. med. Agata Plech
  • A great advantage of Agni School of Ayurveda is its organization, a scheme for presenting knowledge about Ayurveda. The materials are in-depth on the one hand, and very concise on the other, you learn what you really need. Everything is logically ordered. Marysia guided us gently, step by step, but also gave us a space for independent work
    Anna Wojżigiało
  • I thought that since the Universe had brought me to this path, I had no right to give it up. And I feel like it has really paid off. Ayurveda turned out to be the missing piece that made me feel better.
    Elena Chonka
  • Agni School of Ayurveda is probably the only place in Poland where Ayurveda is being taught in such an accessible way. It is rare not only that it is taught in Polish, but also that knowledge is presented in such words, in such a way that it enters the head like butter.
    Beata Szałas-Patel
  • Cooking workshops are magic - you eat to the full and you still feel light. Dishes from our Polish, native products, simple recipes, quick to prepare, great atmosphere, cozy conditions, easily digestible knowledge. The secret ingredients are spices that bring out and enhance the taste of vegetables, fruit, grains - you can really charm with them. Unforgettable impressions, not only for the palate! It is worth getting to know Maria and Michał - be inspired by how they live, according to what they teach. Thank you and I recommend you from the bottom of my heart!
    Anna Rogowska
    psychologist and bodywork therapist
  • Maria is doing a great job popularizing Ayurveda in Poland. She generously shares her knowledge during numerous courses and webinars. Maria has the gift of speaking about Ayurveda in a simple and understandable way. As a result, many people have benefited from this beautiful, holistic, ancient knowledge about health. "Mental Health with Ayurveda" is the first book written by a Polish author dealing with psychology from the perspective of Ayurveda. I foretell her the great success
    Renata Karoń-Słomczyńska
    konsultantka ajurwedyjska, blogerka kulinarna
  • The course was of great value to me for three main reasons: 1. I was given specific tips and tools for working with clients. 2. It was learning by doing. Each content block was followed by exercises and checking this knowledge in practise. 3. We could get to know the backstage of Maria's work, learn how she consults clients, how she approaches them and what recommendations she gives them.
    Magda Tarnawska
  • Ayurveda has become a signpost for me, thanks to which I stand at crossroads of life less often. It’s a refuge to which I always return, because I know that everything is there. I feel safer because I have a greater understanding and knowledge about life. I am very pleased with the knowledge and effects I can feel on myself. The quality of my life improved. What I appreciate most, apart from the enormous amount of knowledge, is the way of its transmission - precise, understandable, practical, one that can be put into practice immediately. You give clear instructions on how to get the most out of the course.
    Marta Bujas
  • I took the course as a safe investment (proven for five thousand years), which pays off especially in this most important level of mental and spiritual well-being. I am grateful for the time spent in the course, the time that gave me a different quality of life. It made me stop to think about many things, see many things, and just let go. It gave me hope
    Krystyna Andres-Wędzina
  • Nothing can express the gratitude in my heart for being here. Gratitude for allowing myself to finally take advantage of what my Heart had been drawing me to for years. This is my way, and tears of emotion appear on my face as I think about it. It's a real honor to be part of what you are creating.
    Monika Kuriata
  • I did a lot of work during this course. I looked into the recesses of my soul and mind that I never wanted to look. I am very happy that I am doing it under your wings, because you show me, Maria, that ideals do not exist, that life is a continuous process, that it is impossible to learn in advance and that we reach for more only when we are ready for it and when we have space for that. This is very valuable to change my old patterns. With respect and humility to what used to be, I enter new stages of life and I am not afraid. I am responsible, but at the same time brave.
    Danuta Rondzisty-Pietrzak
  • I met Michal and Maria in 2012 in Dharamsala, India where we all were studying together the wonderful knowledge of Ayurveda. We bonded very quickly – which is not difficult with both of them at all!!! – and shared our knowledge and experiences with Ayurveda and life in general. From the Ayurveda side they both had definitely already more great things to share, especially in the cooking department. I learnt more from them than from our teachers about ayurvedic cooking and we shared many wonderful meals together. This is actually one of the most outstanding qualities of both of them: they house and heart is always open, they never let anyone go hungry or with unexpressed feelings out of their home. They are true giving, loving and sharing people. This also truely reflects in their work. Maria has such a detailed and all encompassing approach in her consultations and a vast knowledge about the ayurvedic principles and how to apply them, in my eyes she was the best student in our class and I am sure she has even deepened her knowledge about Ayurveda even further. Everybody was keen to be her case study when it was our time to practise. Her qualities in Ayurvedic psychology are outstanding! Michal on the other hand is a guy with intuition. His pure heart guides him easily to the right questions and he has truely golden hands. Same as for the consultations with Maria, Michal was always to one everybody would queue up to get massage practise done with. We started to call him “Mr Marmi” as he picked up the very precise practise of Marma therapy as if he had been practising it already since years. He not only puts the right technique, but his whole heart into his treatments and really cares for the progress and healing of his patients. I can only HIGHLY RECOMMEND both of those amazing therapists!!! If I would be living in Poland I would be a regular customer in their center!
    Kathrin Seidl
    Ayurvedic Therapist

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