So what am I, after all?

Who of us, curious about Ayurveda, has not reached for test to determine our dominant dosha ? Some of the test questions refer to our body, like for instance, question about shape and size of our eyes, nose or nails.

There also are questions about our psyche, such as the one asking about the way of speaking, about dreams and favorite way of spending free time. Each of the three doshas manifests itself in our body and our psyche.
Curiously, the dosha that is dominant in our body does not need to be consistent with the dominant dosha of our mind. That is why understanding of Ayurveda might be a bit tricky for us.
„So what am I, after all?” a bit confused clients ask.

Imagine typical Kapha

Big, almond eyes with eye white beautifully exposing the iris. Gentle, slightly rounded nose, full lips, thick and shining hair. Yes, Kapha is beautiful. The features and body composition typical for Kapha are associated in our culture with health and beauty. Following this lead, we discover, Kapha is the most stable dosha, the least susceptible to negative factors and distractions, our assurance of good health and balance.

Kapha is soft and gains weight, especially at hips, much easier than builds muscles. It’s silhouette is a bit disproportionate and it happens Kapha is not entirely happy with it. Moreover, its appetite is always up, what cannot be told about the metabolism. In conjunction with the reluctance to sport and excessive activity, Kapha type tends to be round as laughing Budda.

Such Kapha comes for consultation. What has brought it here?

If its Kapha dominated the mind as much as its body, our Kapha would not be bothered by such trends and all that Ayurveda. It would stay at home, happy with itself, lazily giving itself to its regular activities. It is the Vata that has brought it here, endless curiosity, that sets everything in motion. It just so happens that our Kapha feels wind in the head. Its curious, creative and sociable. Somewhat restless and in fact insecure. Finds it hard to focus, as finds it difficult to choose what to focus on.

Have a look once more.

Kapha dominates the body, but Vata dominates the mind and psyche. During Ayurvedic consultation experienced doctor or therapist establishes the nature of their client and the nature of every one of their afflictions. To make it more clear, the afflictions can be of physical nature or they can arise from the emotions and psyche. If Ayurveda is holistic medicine, why such differentiation? In order to know what prescriptions are reasonable where. One of the key rules our Ayurveda teachers have taught me is that psychological problems require psychological approach and such prescriptions.

What does this mean for our heroine?

It means that for improving her metabolism and unlocking her permanently congested sinuses I would recommend a Kapha balancing diet. Such diet would help the body. However, in search for ways to balance the mind I would concentrate on tips how to mentally balance Vata. How to care for her self-confidence, how to convince her to finish projects and to celebrate each completed stage.

How to enjoy who she is and pursue the direction of life and health with joy.

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