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A 180 degree change

After the Ayurveda For Your Business program, I feel great! My business has changed 180 degrees. I made and implemented difficult decisions. I set boundaries that I didn't even know I could set. I felt that I was following a great path of entrepreneurship and self-development.

Marta Mazgaj

She runs a space branding studio

Concentrated energy

Ayurveda For Your Business has made me feel inspired, calmer and full of ideas. It's easier for me to act now. The changes I have noticed in my life and business are that I concentrate my energy more and everything comes together.

Anna Rogowska

She works with women using fairy tales

Problem solution

My big problem was a lack of self-confidence and a lack of peace about the decisions I made. After completing the Ayurveda For Your Business program, I feel more stable, stronger and therefore calmer.

Magdalena Budzoń

An architect with a holistic perception of space

You feel that you are growing

I feel and know that I received enormous support from Maria. She was the one who saw my potential in me, which I hadn't seen before. I feel gratitude and joy in my heart. Thanks to the program, I "came out of the closet". Now I have the courage to speak out loud about what I do and what I have learned.

Katarzyna Kraczkowska

Architect, Vastu Shastra practitioner

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Great business with no rush

My biggest problem that I faced before the course was working for rates lower than the value of my work. After Ayurveda For Your Business, I don't chase, I don't strive, and my business is thriving.

Anna Burdajewicz

A coach and business mentor

who helps soulful women build tender brands

You come first

After the Ayurveda For Your Business program, I have more confidence in myself and in life. I learned to put myself first, without fear that clients would not agree to such conditions.

Ewa Woźny

Interior designer and architect

Needs taken care of

I feel that with Ayurveda For Your Business my business needs are taken care of. I also feel inspired. I know that participating in the program supports my professional development.

Kaja Bochniak


Business from the caring side

I demand less from myself and I approach business and the tasks it brings with it more calmly. I'm not being dramatic or panicking. I focused more on myself. I am maturing the decision to share tasks and delegate. This is a big insight for me.

Edyta Kamińska-Pacha

Sensory integration therapist

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Preparation for business

I don't have a company yet, but my way of thinking has undergone a transformation. Every day I plan my next steps. I prepare everything necessary to start a business, develop a personal brand, and in this program I supplement the skills I lack.

Monika Sztangierska

Nurse and physiotherapist

A breakthrough moment

The program brought more clarity on the direction of future activities. More courage in decisions. Maria Nowak-Szabat calmly and carefully showed me what I had been guided by so far and where it had led me. This was a breakthrough for me.

Anna Moszko-Wawer

Psychologist, coach

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